Megan Cox


Debut Album "W" Available January 8, 2013

"As a singer songwriter with talents in multiple areas including piano, violin and vocals, she embodies the concept of a triple threat, emphasis on the Threat." - All the Thoughts that Fit to Print

The music on "W" is weighty yet delicate, driving and robotic at times - yet completely organic; equal parts Joni, Sufjan, and Flaming Lips. It stems from years of classical training, a fascination with electronic sounds, and the desire to blend the two to make experimental yet completely accessible music.

With an emphasis on layers of sounds and personal, poetic lyrics, Megan's music pushes the limits within popular forms. It’s not windows down, bumping summer music. It's more like a nostalgic fall day in your room with a record on, drinking tea, thinking about all of the other fall days that have reminded you of this one...